Landscaping, maintenance and landscaping design

Landscaping, maintenance and landscaping design Belles Saisons L.C. Enr. 2017

You want to develop, modify or improve your landscaping? A qualified representative will go to your home, free of charge, to advise you and propose an estimate. We have a wide choice of annual or perennial flowers, decorative shrubs and trees of all kinds:

- Installation of turf
- Planting of hedges and shrubs
- Creating flowerbeds and decorative rock garden
- Unistone
- Natural stone
- Transport


Landscaping maintenance

A contract for the complete maintenance of your lawn, plants, trees and shrubs, is available after a free evaluation:

- Lawn mowing
- Pruning of trees, hedges and shrubs
- Weeding flowerbeds and rockeries
- Fertilizer application, and treatments for plants
- Others...