Useful Tips

Some practical tips and tricks
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Do not hesitate to ask us for advice during our visit:

- The watering
At the time of plantation it is essential to properly monitor waterings. Thereafter, avoid excess water that could cause root rot, which will kill the plant.

- Pruning
Unless their fruits are decorative, and in this case do not touch anything, cut the faded flowers during the summer. Shrubs are thus more likely to flourish.

- Apple trees and rose bushes
When treating your apple trees with dormant oil, you can apply it at the same time on your rose bushes, this will protect them from insects and disease for the summer.

- Know-how
In late spring, it is possible to practice pruning so-called "green", reducing trees or shrubs from becoming cumbersome. You may also rebalance the top of small shrub stem leads at this time.

- A beautiful lawn
Throw grass seed on your lawn directly without adding ground in early spring and late fall, this will ensure your grass to regenerate and maintain a good density of shoots.

- High perennial plants
When buying high perennials plants, remember to buy plant stakes at the same time.